Things To Do In Rome At Night (& During The Day) – Our Guide

Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It has an impressive collection of architectural designs from way back earning the name Eternal city. During the day, the streets look like a scene from a 90’s movie and look even better at night with the street lights glistening. There is so much to do in Rome be it during the night or day. Below are some which should be at the very top of your bucket list.

Things to do during the day:

The Colosseum

If you are a lover of arts, be sure to visit this place. It is Rome’s most significant monument built in the early years by Romans. To date, it is still the largest amphitheater ever to exist though most of it is a shadow of its previous stature. It is still every inch as beautiful, and the historical stories behind it are even more profound.

You have the option of buying an audiobook or hiring a guard to explain to you the complex tales the place has endured from acting as mine, to hosting a slave auction. The view is great for pictures, and many movie scenes have even been shot there. During the sunset, the colors of the rays reflect beautifully on the brown bricks of the remains.

Capuchin Crypt.

This is a collection of small chapels under the church of Santa Maria Della Cinceziine Dei capuchin. Though small, the sight will blow your mind. If you always wanted to interact with mummies, this is your chance. It earned the name Bone church because it is decorated mainly with bones. They are arranged in beautiful patterns; some of which are made into large structures which hang on the walls. Creepy much! The guides are amiable and will make sure you enjoy your experience. Make sure you dress well for the visit as indecently dressed people are not allowed on the supposedly Holy Grounds.

Trevi Fountain.

Your trip to Rome will not be complete without a trip to the wishing well. Trevi fountain is one of the major world’s most significant fountains standing at almost 40 feet tall. Talented Nicola Salvi distinctively designed it. Moreover, it is a masterpiece in the least with every intricate detail thought of it as an exciting story as it was once the primary source of water for the Romans. Myths have it that if you throw a coin into the well and wish upon it, your desires will come true.

St Peters Basilica.

Since Rome was generally filled with people of the Catholic religion, the city boasts hundreds of cathedrals. But one of the major ones is the St Peter’s which is among the largest one in the world to date. The grounds itself is said to make you feel like you are standing on holiness surrounded by the shrine’s majesty. It was built about 100 years ago, and it shows. There are lifelike statues of the popes who have served there. Most of the items inside the cathedral are grand and made of Gold. On select days, you may get a chance to see the pope. While you are there, make sure to check out the view from the top of the dome as you will see the whole Vatican city in its most beautiful.

Things to do at night:

Piazza Navona

It is a beautiful square in the heart of Rome. With three huge fountains, it’s a spectacle to behold, especially at night. The square has numerous restaurants great for dinner dates. Besides that, there are the Spanish steps where you and your loved one can fake a romantic walk under the stars as you gaze upon passers-by by the three fountains it has. You can also party the night away at its many clubs. In short, it has a little something for everyone.

Bars and Restaurants.

What better way to end your day than to have a chilled hangout with friends and your loved ones as you enjoy the fine cuisine of Rome? With lots of luxurious bars, the liquor sector is covered. Most locals have a taste for the finer things, and hence bars like the La Maison is equipped with a sushi restaurant, and an extensive champagne and whiskey menu. If you prefer jazz and cool tones to accompany your food, then Jackie O is the place for you. Equally as beautiful and with a list to chill back, there is always a live band playing as you and your friends get drunk or relieve of the day’s pressure. For the wine lovers, make sure to visit the legendary wine bar, Cul de sac.

Auditorium Parco Della Musica

It is a vast auditorium where music concerts of all kinds are held. It is made if three concert halls and an outdoor theater. Over time, the auditorium has become a major cultural hub as all types of people can be found there during its shows. Most international acts prefer the arena, and so pull large crowds’ you are one for the hype then this is the place for you

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