Things To Do In Union Square – Our Sightseeing Guide

Union Square is a quaint neighborhood in Manhattan New York city known mostly for its many high-end retail shops. Most people do not know that there is more to the place than just retail therapy. It is home to many historical artifacts and carries a lot the town’s history. The site was opened long ago in 1839 and redesigned in 1993. If you ever find yourself there, be sure to cross these places and check them out.

Union Square Holiday Market.

Once a year, around the November-December period, hundreds of merchants set up stalls and booths on the Union Square Park. All the stalls are usually either red or white, making it beautifully uniformed and screaming from afar. You will find everything you can think of and at an affordable price too. Moreover, suppose you are looking for an out-of-the-box gift or souvenir ideas, then that is the place for you. From toys, jewelry, antique pieces, local cuisines street foods, and hot drinks, the market is divided into sections to make your experience easier. Also, there are excellent services, like a section where you can get information and coupons. Even, you could land on the offers from people who could not display their goods there. Lastly, a live band is always there to entertain shoppers.

Rubin Museum of art

If you are a lover of preserved art and culture, then this is a must-see destination with pieces from different origins including India, Himalayas, and Asia. The place is bursting with cultural diversity. Besides guides and films to explain to you the stories behind the pieces, the museum occasionally hosts exhibitions and classic shows to give you an in-depth understanding of the parts. Apart from art, there are many activities you could indulge in, including painting classes. This is an excellent idea for a first date if you are both into cultural fulfillment. Before you leave, make sure to get souvenirs in the antique shop for later memories.


Several times in a week, there is a vast market held on the grounds where farmers, fishermen, and bakers gather and sell fresh produce. This thus helped to grow the town economically in so many ways as the market attracts crowds from all over. With over one hundred stalls, you are bound to get almost everything the city has to offer. Chefs from the major restaurants in the town also source for their products here and in summary, it is the go-to place for everyone. Since Union Square is centrally located, it is easily accessible to anyone. Make sure to go during the weekdays as it is less busy with fewer pickpockets.

West Village

Question; What is New York without its retail? It is a small village filled with designer shops and classy restaurants. Its small narrow streets are lined with trees and breathtaking architectural designs from the Victorian era. It is also an excellent place for those with a taste for the more beautiful things in life. Its restaurants often play soft music, and they are designed with impeccable décor, great for romantic dates or lavish parties. They usually have live jazz and piano bands and not forgetting its many rooftop bars. The most kept secret is the stonewall inn. It is a bar with laid out details and many revelers who work in the city retreat to the spot after work for its fantastic cocktails

Irving Plaza

This is a majestic amphitheater with a ballroom design. Over time it has earned its place as the city’s grandest music location. All types of music shows and concerts are held there with five bars and restaurants to cater to your culinary needs as well. Many international artists made their first debut in the grounds before they blew up and hence returned often for shows

If you want to arrive for your presentation on time, try to get there at least an hour early as it is always packed. Parking is almost always full, and the ticketing lines are long.

Madison Square Park

This is one of the most beautiful urban parks in New York City. It has gardeners working round the clock to ensure its beautiful flowers of all colors are always in full bloom. The park is excellent for picnics, barbeques, hanging out, or a quiet walk with your dog. There is also a vast area dedicated to children allowing you to have a few minutes to yourself. Sometimes event organizers use the grounds for their functions since the ambiance is excellent for small festivals. Moreover, the park also has a branch of the legendary Shake Shack which is said to have the best burgers and steak in all of New York City, so you will not stay hungry. A few meters away from the park is the flat iron building, one of the most creative architectural designs.

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