Top 10 Places To Visit In The USA – Our List

With fifty states under its name, the USA is without a doubt filled with natures beautiful gifts and picturesque destinations. If by chance you’re planning on visiting the country make sure to check out these cool places.


New York has overtime earned the title “land with endless possibilities” as it is among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. There is a lot you should tick off your bucket list in the city; be it historic tourist attractions to the local cheap thrills. The city is a hub of creatives judging by its numerous fine art museums and also those of natural history which are the largest ones yet. Since you cannot visit every street, be sure to take in the whole iconic view by visiting any one of the skylines that light up the city like a Christmas tree at night.

The just completed 9/11 memorial is home to the worlds largest man-made waterfalls and is as beautiful as you can imagine. Your visit to New York should also entail watching Broadway shows and Opera Classics. About 70000 people take the ferry every day and you should too. It offers a better view of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan town and Ellis.


From its rugged Atlantic Coasts which have stunning sand-color to its magnificent waterfalls, palm trees, and scenic terrain, Hawaii is definitely a must see. It has crystal clear waters which are great for skinny dipping, snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, clear glass-boat rides or just a cruise down the stream. By chance you aren’t a water person, there is still plenty to do. You could say sipping cocktails by the sea, horseriding, cultural festivals or watching the stars from a big telescope with 600 times zoom than the human eye. Hawaii is suitable for a vacation, and you will probably never forget the experience.


It is also known as Sin City owing to its hub of gambling casinos, many slot machines, and rachet parties. However, there is more to it than eternal damnation. Vegas is famous for the big apple roller coaster which goes at about speeds of 67 mph with several 180 degrees turns. It is a good experience for adrenaline junkies. The adage, If you can’t beat them join them… is what Las Vegas did by creating a smaller version of the Eiffel tower which will give you a great view of the town always buzzing with activities. Fancy a romantic ride at the grand canal? Well, the city has a mimic of the real deal complete with antique shops by the water and gondoliers in costumes. Make sure also to visit the Mirage which is at the magnificent strip. After all, what is a trip to Las Vegas without a casino fiasco?


Sedona is may be deep in the Arizona desert but worth every minute of your time. Did we mention its rocky terrain and pine forests is a spectacle? There are helicopter and hot air balloon services or rides if you call them which guarantee you a great view from above. Moreover, to appeal to the hikers, there are numerous marked hiking trails in the canyons. It is also an excellent destination for a road trip or just a scenic trip to the art museums or the various cultural centers around.

The Grand Canyon is also near the Sedona to its north. With its deep, extensive geological rock formations and the Colorado River to add on, it’s a sight which will leave you breathless.


Los Angeles got it on lock from its white sandy beaches to other wholesome adventures. It is home to the famous Pacific Amusement Park which dates back over 100 years and has been well preserved till now. Its rides are magnificent and have a calming vintage sense of eloquence.

L.A is also home to the famous Walk of Fame starting from our favorites and ends in a grand vibe as you can imagine. What better ways to experience the movie making scenes than a trip to Universal Studios which apart from tons of movie props, also has loads of fun activities based on your favorite characters.

Suppose you are also a lover of the arts, make sure to visit L.A.’s famous museums, e.g., Jurassic Technology, Getty, and the Broad. On the other hand, say you just want a raunchy experience, its got places like the Jumbo Clown bar which is a bikini bar with an Oldies look.


Most of us remember our childhood fondly experiences composed of binging of Disney Classics. Well, what better way to jostle up all those old memories with a trip to Disney Land, U.S.A? It is the only park that Walt Disney oversaw to completion and has over 50 fun activities which feature more than 100 of the Disney favorite characters. It is also a great place for photoshoots to commemorate the experience. The fun-filled land also has numerous souvenir shops to get yourself a partying gift or something for a loved one as a Disney themed gift. By right planning, you should visit Disney land on special occasions and get to witness the best fireworks display you have ever seen.


It is located in Buncombe County, North Carolina and beaming with art and culture. Asheville also has a scenic roundup, and if you visit the place in spring, you will find wildflowers and vast grasslands in full bloom for those beautiful landscape photos. It is an ideal location for a road trip with friends as the blue ridge parkway runs through it with its breathtaking views, hiking trails, and picnic sites. Moreover, a visit to the town is not complete without a trip to the largest privately owned mansion in America which has exotic arts, an orchid, a bass pond, and vast wine collection for the wine lovers


Found along the Mississippi River near Mexico. It is the best place to go back to your teenage self as its full of fun, loads of events, parties and despite all that, its also riddled with the French, African and American culture. The city is quite vibrant in the evenings as the locals dwell in the nightlife. In New Orleans, natural spectacles include the occurrence of marching parades of people dressed in costumes singing, dancing and having a good time. Due to the different blends of the heritage of the people, the cuisines offered are varied. For example, you don’t have to be in Nigeria to taste that Nigerian food. So grab on your passports and let’s meet up there.

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