Top Magical Places To Visit Within The UK – Top Spots!

Sometimes we all feel like putting our phones down, driving to a new exotic destination for a break from typical day to day routine and indulging ourselves in the mystical views nature provides. Well, the United Kingdom is the place to be. After all, movies like The Hobbit and Star Wars showed us a sneak peek of the most sort out destinations in the British kingdom. If you’ve seen the films, I bet you were impressed by the beauty. Below are some of the most magical places which should make it to your bucket list before you die.

Margate Shell Grotto

This beautiful masterpiece is located in a small quiet town in Kent. It is 21 meters of unending passages built in a serpentine shape and has a dome which opens up at the top giving it a mystical touch. It is adorned with all types of native shells, be it in circle or triangle shapes, large ones, tiny ones, mussel, and oyster shells. Some have patterns of whelks, cockles, limpets arranged in different forms, e.g., like the tree of life. The passage ends in a celestial-like chamber adding to its awe. The irony of the art is that nobody knows who built it, or why and when.

North Yorkshire Moors

Tucked on the upland of England surrounded by picturesque villages and ancient abbeys, it’s the type of place to feel the weight of their culture and incredible beliefs. It boasts of one of the largest expanses of moorland in the whole of UK. It has an old railway which has diesel engines with vintage carriages which ferry people around the place to soak in the beautiful sites it offers. For the hikers, it has lots of crisscrossed paths which are usually tranquil as not many people have discovered this well-tucked secret. Not forgetting the water lovers, it also has calm coastal bays suitable for skinny dipping which have tumbling waterfalls. Definitely worth a visit or five.

Chapel of St. Peters on the Wall

It’s an extraordinary beauty located in Bradwell, Essex. Built in 654AD by St.Cedd, it’s still standing today earning a spot as one of the few ancient intact churches in the world. The chapel is by the coast and hence great for evening walks, picnics and photography because of its stunning views. The water is very calm and good for swimming and even if you are not a water person, peace and tranquility is guaranteed. The place is always open to visitors with tour guides to explain its history hence giving you a wholesome tourist experience.



Avebury dates back to the Neolithic times. It is otherwise known as the monument of slain dragons as it boasts of the largest stone circle which has images of dragons carved into them. By the Stone age, Avebury was abandoned but revived decades later. To this day, the locals and pagan tourist communities have adopted it as they believed their early ancestors dwelt there. They also conduct their pagan rites and events which bare a spectacle for those who often search for new experiences and research. It has a beautiful landscape, and the environment is full of flora and fauna for those who seek a chilled spring walk around it.


It’s a magical woodland site near Coleford in Gloucestershire. If you watch movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars to name but a few, you have probably had glimpses of these woodlands. They are set on 14 acres of unending stretches of different tree species and deep ravines of rock formations. To spice up the tourist experience, it has wooden bridges over the forests for bird watching and an overhead view which is excellent for photography, mazes for the kids, and picnic areas. Overall the vibe is superb and full of adventures and activities to keep you and your company entertained.

Mermaids Pool

Here is another beautiful place for a road trip and if you love water then it’s even a bonus. Despite the water not being as transparent as some would prefer, it redeems itself in other areas. Legend has it that a mermaid who possesses powers dwells in the water.

Moreover, if you stare long enough after offering sacred prayers, it can give you glimpses of your future or even grant you immortality. Locals and tourists often flock the water point to pray as they believe it is sacred ground. Though the stories may be myths from Neolithic times, the creepy the view is to die for

Forbidden Corner

Located in North Yorkshire in Tupgill Park, Forbidden Corner has a labyrinth of tunnels and hidden chambers, as well as a temple of the underworld. It’s got a massive pyramid made of translucent glass and scary, unexpected life-size statues at every turn to add onto its spooky vibe. If you are one who enjoys adventure and do not mind getting wet and a little dirty, then this place will blow your mind

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